Sell Your Business

Your business is the largest and most valuable asset that you own.
It must be carefully and properly prepared for sale, and marketed in order to get out what you have put in.

The entire selling process is complicated and it can be very intimidating. We are experts at selling businesses and love making the process simple for you.

If you are ready to sell your business, or just thinking about doing it in the future, you came to the right place. We are here to advise you on how to prepare your business for sale and to help you find the right buyer.

We understand that most business owners prefer to keep the sale of their business private , this is why with Chisca Group any potential buyers have to sign a very tight confidentiality agreement before they can have access to any identifiable company data.

This is what we  will do for you:

– We analyze your financial data and current marketing trends and let you know what the value of your business is in today’s market (the price you should expect to sell it for).

– There are several things you can do to increase the value of your company for investors, and we will teach you how to implement them in your own company.

– We build a very detailed company biography that will present to a potential buyer all the data he/she needs to have to see why buying your company is a great investment.

– We have access to databases of clients interested in purchasing all types of businesses. We contact the ones that are interested in your type of business and let them know that a company like yours is for sale (they will not get the name or any other identifiable information about your company unless they sign a confidentiality agreement)

– We launch extensive marketing campaigns advertising your company in local and national markets.

– Once we find a buyer we guide you step by step through the entire acquisition process.

We love what I do and we love helping you.
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We look forward to helping you with the sale of your company.